About Z Strength


Rich Zwolinski

I am a proud father and a Personal Trainer with over 15 years of experience in the weight room working with powerlifters, athletes, and body transformation clients. I have held the NASM CPT in addition to the Underground Strength Coach certification as well as the Lifestyle Weight Management certification, endorsed by NESTA.

Lifestyle Weight Management

Before transitioning to personal and online coaching, I was an NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Coach, and high school mathematics and computer science teacher.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, and a Certificate in Sports Counseling.

My love of fitness developed as a sophomore in high school when performing better on the field meant getting stronger. Following my undergraduate degree, I began coaching and working with other athletes and people looking to get stronger. My programming has helped novice lifters set state and national powerlifting records, led clients to finally lose the pounds, and others to put on the muscle and change their physique. After the birth of my daughter, my training schedule has changed, and with that, I have learned to work with moms, dads, and people with limited time.


Erin Zwolinski

I am a Precision Nutrition L1 Coach and a TRX Certified Trainer. In addition to being a Nutrition Coach and TRX Trainer, I am a NY State Certified Health, and Family and Consumer Science Teacher. My primary focus is with clients looking to lose weight and develop better eating habits.

Precision Nutrition

TRX Certified

In addition to nutrition coaching, I teach middle school students how to live and eat healthier. I hold a Master’s Degree in Health Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

My health and fitness journey began in 2007 after spending a good portion of my youth overweight. I decided to make a change in my life and get healthier. Like many beginners, I made a lot of mistakes with a crash diet and training too much. My choices caused extreme metabolic slowdown. With education and a sustainable plan, I recovered from the metabolic damage to take control of my body.

After giving birth to our daughter in May of 2017, I was restricted from activity until mid-August. Since then, I have returned to my pre-pregnancy weight by implementing the same strategies that helped me lose weight and get stronger.


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