Articles to Read – July 16th – July 22nd

Articles to Read this week when you need to kill time at the office talks about three of our favorite topics. The first article touches on the most popular question, “how do you get motivated” and gives a thorough breakdown of motivation and discipline. Our second article touches on Intermittent Fasting while remaining somewhat neutral. Our third article is probably the top reason people use when they hire a coach…accountability. We finish this week with a 5 minute mobility that everybody can do so they don’t have to say “I just hurt too much.”

Motivation and discipline gets brought up at least once a week on Fitocracy, a social fitness site. There always a lengthy discussion about how motivation isn’t always going to be there to pull you through on the hard days. While the conversation glosses over the why’s and how’s of defeating the motivation virus, it doesn’t flow and explain like this post from Elizabeth Holmes on Lift Big, Eat Big.

Yes! Another article on the debatable topic of Intermittent Fasting. I recently did an IF protocol and tracked everything along with it. Many people find results, some people don’t. I will say, having a variety of ways to try IF does give you a chance to see success. I can’t leave out the reason to make it through the article, the breakdown of several diets that implement IF protocols for you to see that there are options that might work for you.

Being accountable isn’t just about having somebody to answer to, sometimes it’s about knowing how to answer to ourselves. Swede identifies three main adversaries to accountability and tells you how he conquers them to stay accountable before and after.

Normally I wouldn’t say to skip to the video, but in this case, the video has a nice little movement pattern and some mobility tests that you can do every day. It won’t matter how strong you are if you can’t move and nobody wants to be 50 saying “everything hurts” because they wouldn’t take 5 minutes out of their day to do some simple mobility.