Articles to Read – July 23rd – July 29th

Articles to Read this week brings some wisdom for those that are new(er) to training with weights and how to breathe. The first is another good podcast from Joe D with the remaining two being from Elliot Hulse and Tony Gentilcore. If you’re experienced, you might still find some wisdom in this weeks posts, so take a few minutes, read the articles and download the podcast for that miserable Monday morning commute.

The more I listen to Joe DeFranco, the more I appreciate his level of knowledge gained through experience. If you’ve ever sat down to write your own program, picking the exercises can be a challenge. I know I found myself trying to do EVERYTHING the first time I wrote my own programming with the end result of being quite sucky programming. I started learning with a lot of errors (not always a bad thing) but if you don’t want to waste years trying to figure it out, give this podcast a listen.

I know I fight this battle with my newer clients for a few months before they really start to understand that training isn’t all “go, go, go” all the time. Rest is an essential part of training, especially if the goal is to build muscle mass or strength. Tony Gentilcore breaks down rest periods and training goals to help select the best rest period for your training and physique goals.

This is a short piece by Elliot Hulse that isn’t really what the title says. I started reading this expecting some rant about all the things that are wrong with powerlifting but found a quick read about breathing, well, yelling really, versus holding your breath when lifting. And for most of us, a good idea of what would be a better breathing technique for our lifting.