Articles to Read – July 30th – Aug 5th

Welcome to Articles to Read for the week of July 30th. I found four great articles that can help all of us with a little more knowledge. Shoulder pain? Got it covered. Training hard and finding issues with digestion? Yeah, I got that in the list. Trying to diet and navigate going out with friends? Found some good tips. And the last one, for the parents, a reason to not provide the easy life.

Every so often I read something that is totally new to me. For about a year, I’ve been focused on gut health and the different ways it affects how we live our daily lives. This post brings up another side effect of too much exercise, deteriorating gut health and ways to avoid it.

Eric Cressey deals mainly with baseball players and has made a good living keeping them healthy and getting them stronger. When it comes to shoulders, I trust him tremendously and as someone that used to use the scap push-up, this post made sense for what was wrong with the scap push-up and what’s better about these movements.

If you’re serious about your transformation, dining out can be a cause of some serious stress. While we can’t throw caution to the wind when we go out, especially if we have a tendency to do it on a weekly basis and drink along with it. If you can follow some basic principles, you have a chance at still making progress when dining (or drinking) out.

The easy life parents provide doesn’t always lead to an easy life for their kids. As a former classroom teacher, I witnessed kids that had “the easy life” where mom and dad did and provided 99% of what they had. They didn’t earn, didn’t learn to cope, and didn’t learn to struggle through. Zach Evan-Esh takes note of “the easy life” and relates it to training; how the easy life makes a person weak.