Articles to Read – June 11th to June 17th

Short list this week, one for the parents and one for those of you relying on activity trackers to adjust your meals and eat more food. Earlier this week, there was a study released that looked at the efficacy of BCAA and determined that the ingestion of BCAA’s does not increase muscle or have any effect when taken intra-workout. Instead of giving you a scientific boredom to read, I just wanted to sum it up with: pre-workout BCAA is good for endurance and post-workout BCAA is good for recovery, but taken during the workout, no scientific proof of benefit.

Also, look for a new training strategy for busy people (read: new parents) that I have been using these last two weeks with great success sent out through our mailing list.

And yes, Happy Father’s day to all the fathers out there.

Strength and conditioning can help your teen athlete excel, there’s no debating that a faster and stronger athlete has the potential to be a better athlete. The problem is not every coach has the experience to make athletes stronger and faster safely. If you want your teen to keep improving and do so safely, this article gives you some keys to look for when selecting a strength coach for your child.
I’m not much for T-Nation articles, but this is pretty concise about why I don’t rely on “Activity Trackers” for calories burned, no matter how fancy it is. If you are carefully controlling your calories in an attempt to manage your weight and you use the “calories burned” as a measure of how much more you can eat, you may be sabotaging yourself.