Articles to Read – May 29 thru June 3

Before we get to the articles to read, we have an announcement. Unless you’ve never been to our page or checked any of our social media, you know we’ve been expecting a baby who’s been taking their sweet time. Well, the wait is over. On May 31, Charlotte Quinn was welcomed into the world at 12:34 pm. We are very happy to have a healthy, happy, and cuter than hell baby girl.

And on to the real reason, you dropped by, the articles to read. This week, two articles. The first is an important issue across the country, but with our new addition, a very important one to us. The need to educate our children about nutrition and physical activity is overwhelming. The second is something everybody that is trying to lose weight and failing can relate to; how to choose the right diet and the needs you have to meet.

The more we learn about health as we age, the more we need to change our focus to educating the youth and their parents. The sad state of fitness education in America has left many families with avoidable health problems and tremendous debt that could be avoided with activity and proper diet. Even if not perfect, we have a duty to educate our future generations to change this pattern.
We already know there is no “one size fits all” approach to weight loss and dieting and there are always stumbles. Whether your diet works or your diet doesn’t work will depend on choosing the right diet for your “must-have’s”, your goals, and your lifestyle.