Articles to Read – Nov 11 – Nov 18

Articles to Read

The start of the holiday season brings you articles to read for the week of November 11th. Because it’s a holiday week, I want to first wish everybody a happy and healthy start to their holiday season. What you’ve done to make progress for over 40 weeks of the year is not going to be erased by 1 day or 1 meal.

This week, we have articles about youth athletes that applies to all of us, even the past our prime athletes; articles for handling holiday stress, embracing discomfort, using suspension trainers, and when it’s time to take a step back in order to keep moving forward.

The holidays cause stress for many people: traveling, spending money, parties, eating all the delicious food, trying not to gain back all the weight you lost during the year. If you go in without a plan, it can be so overwhelming that you become paralyzed into failure. I have my own theory on how to pull off the holidays successfully and here’s an article that gives you more options than “panic.”

This article is focused on youth athletes, but I think this applies to all of us. It’s no secret that, as a society, we participate in less diverse activities than 20 years ago. Parents are specializing their young athlete at an age before they can even tell if their son or daughter really loves the sport. They are putting them in a position to face more overuse injuries and burnout. As adults, when we neglect all the other activities we can do to focus on one, we put ourselves in the same position. Take the lesson in this article and be a rounded, healthy parent for your rounded, healthy child.

What Youth Athletes Need To Get Better

You have to be uncomfortable if you want to keep moving forward. You’ve heard people say “embrace the suck” or the misinterpreted “no pain, no gain” to reinforce the idea that they have to be uncomfortable to make progress towards the goal.

Occasionally, I throw out something that doesn’t make sense in training in the short-term. Something like a random volume or intensity cut when it seems like progress is slowing down. Well, there is a reason behind “taking a step back” and it isn’t just to hone technique.

Not Progressing On a Lift? Take a Step Back in Volume as a Springboard for Future Progress

Do you have a suspension trainer (or are you getting one this holiday season)? There are only so many exercises the “official” suspension trainers list, but when you get bored, there are always more when you’re creative.

Suspension Training and Simplicity