Articles to Read – Nov 19 – Nov 25

Articles to Read

Welcome to Articles to Read for Thanksgiving week 2017. Between the holiday and the “holiday” for shopping, there was a lot less interesting material and a lot of the same old articles you read every holiday season. Starting at the bottom, there’s a great podcast that is about so much more than training and the fitness business. We have two articles about fat loss and diet. How to help somebody on their fitness journey, and of course, glute training for more than just an instagram booty.

As a trainer, the majority of my clients and the majority of the questions I answer are related to weight and fat loss. I’ve heard everything from the grapefruit diet to the ice cream diet. I’ve seen more people undereating their way to nowhere or extreming their way to a massive binge. If your goal is to change the #’s, there are some simple truths.

Following up with the post above, IF you’re trying to diet, you need to do something to control the hunger that you will inevitably feel.

10 Proven Ways To Stop Feeling Hungry All The Time When Dieting

Some posts that Paul Carter writes are long-winded for no reason. This one is worth the read for anybody that deals with other people. (That’s everybody) There’s more to helping someone than reading the book of rules.

Nobody (and I mean nobody) wants a flat ass. And nobody wants a big ass that isn’t functional. That means focusing on your glutes at some point in your training and focusing on certain movement directions to develop a booty that’s useful for more than posting on instagram,

Step-by-Step Glute Training

If you’ve ever watched fitness videos on YouTube, there’s no doubt you’ve seen Jeff Cavaliere aka Athlean-X. He’s a tremendous resource, and this podcast with Joe DeFranco is a great one.

Jeff Cavaliere on Work Ethic, Youtube Success, Nutrition & More!