Articles to Read – Oct 1st – 7th

Sunday morning. The chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy the stillness. The articles to read this week takes us into two great podcasts and two great articles to help keep you on the path to success.

As we get more into the change of season, I’ll keep saying this: if you’re sick AND you are contagious, learn some basic manners. Cover your mouth with your elbow, wash your hands, use the godforsaken anti-bacterial gel, and wipe down all the equipment you touched. NOBODY wants your sickness because you’re “so hardcore” and “dedicated to the grind”.


On to the podcasts and articles…

When it comes to nutrition and dieting, we can all agree that there is no perfect way. With the rise in popularity of IIFYM, there are hordes of people shoving food in their face in the name of the anti-diet. There’s a rude awakening at the end of that path and the 3DMJ crew get together and discuss where IIFYM meets reality.

#62: IIFYM Meets Reality

Strength training and youth has always produced an argument. One side believes that youth should never get under weights and the other side wants to see them load the bar. There are ways to go about training younger athletes, with and without weights, but it takes a professional to do it safely. Joe D podcasts his response to the issue and gives you some information you need to know as a parent.

Strength Training & Pre-Pubescent Children: Is it Dangerous?

Facts vs Feelings. It happens every day. Some talk shoe host starts on a rambling diatribe inserting his own personal bent on a topic or event. He riles up the crowd to agree with him and then…BAM… the facts come out that don’t support the whiny rambling. We’ve all been guilty of living in denial at one point or another and it just happens that fitness takes up a lot of space in that river.

Feelings vs. Facts: In Fitness It’s Important to Know the Difference

That stupid Tortoise and the Hare tale keeps coming back to bite us for all the times we blew it off as junk and just wanted to be the first. First in the buffet line, first with the new iPhone, first to say we did the “new thing” and got great results. It’s that desire to be first and fastest that causes us so much trouble. In weight loss, slow and steady really does win the race.

Slow vs. Fast Weight Loss: STRONG and Steady Wins the Race