Articles to Read – Sept 10 – Sept 16

It’s Olympia weekend, the physique weekend of all physique weekends for bodybuilders. Running from Thursday until Sunday, the stage will be filled with people that have trained for years and years, trained countless hours, and dieting for a chance to step under the lights and say they are the best. There’s something admirable in that level of dedication. Something we can all take from these competitors is that changing your body doesn’t happen quickly or easily and does require learning through experience, reading, and coaching.

This week, we provide some articles and podcasts to help expand your knowledge without wasting hours reading the research.

If you’re somebody that likes to avoid controversial topics, this article isn’t for you. With a recent “discovery” that weight does, in fact, play a role in our long-term health, there’s been a resurgence in the anti-HAES. Whenever any conversation about bodies occurs, there are the “shame” screamers, that everything, regardless of fact, is indeed shaming. The issue with fixing the obesity epidemic is a need to actually have meaningful conversations about how to fix it.

I’m not one to hide the fact that I believe sleep is almost as important as diet in how your body looks. I don’t care how hard you train; if you don’t eat right and sleep well, it’s all going to be less effective than it could be. Jay Ferruggia talks with Shawn Stevenson about sleep, how to improve it, what can hinder it, and the difference it makes on longevity. If you’re an insomniac, this may even help you too.

If you’re thinking about taking time off from working out, read this and think about how to take that time off.

Do you breathe properly? Do you even know? Smitty has two good ones for you to read about how to fix your improper breathing, relieving stress, getting you more air, and leading to better conditioning.

As a non-selfie kind of person, this is an interesting take on those #fit selfies that are impossible to avoid on the net.

There’s a lesson in the article that can be applied to all of training, not just ab rollouts… but there are some thoughtful ways to do the ab rollout that will take the boredom away and raise the burn.