Articles to Read – Sept 17th – 23rd

The last week of summer has come and gone. The leaves are changing and some places in North America have already seen that awful 4-letter word, snow. Have no fear, I’m here reading articles and listening to podcasts while studying for two more certifications that will allow me to be a better coach and trainer to my clients.

Let’s get on with the articles to read this week. If there is one thing I know too much about from lifting, it’s neck pain. Ever since I was a kid, I would get tremendous neck pain if I turned too fast, slept funny, or just made a bad move. I tried pillows, stretches, and chiropractors to get relief. After reading this post, I think this may be the last thing I need to help relieve the neck pain.

The Gym Is a Pain In My Neck: Two Movements To Cure Them All


This is directed more towards postpartum women, but for anybody that experiences low back pain and tight hips, this is worth a look. The complex network of muscles that allow us to move, support the spine, and protect us from injury is tricky and hard to pinpoint the exact reason for pain. Sometimes, the obvious solution is actually the wrong solution and you need the experience of others to give you the right cure. This is one of the cures for back and hip pain that many of us ignore.

Your Hip Flexors Aren’t Tight, They’re Overworked. Here’s What to Do About It

A few weeks back I wrote about how life IS stress and many of us have a stress eating reaction. This is a proactive article from GGS on how to try to break the stress eating cycle.

How to Combat Stress Eating