Articles to Read – July 9th – July 15th

Articles to Read this week comes to you from beautifully humid Maryland, where we are visiting┬áRich’s family. Three articles this week, one for the parents, one for those trying to make a positive change and meeting resistance from their family and friends, and the third article for those trying to create a positive morning.

I love this piece written by Chris Holder to his son — “A Letter To My Son, The Aspiring Athlete” — focused on what it takes to become an athlete beyond high school. I know there are people that don’t believe in competitive sports for youth. Losing makes them “feel bad.” Being “bad” makes them feel bad. As a former competitive athlete and a former college coach, winning and losing has shaped me, developed my coping skills, and transformed me into the successful adult that I am. If you are not the parent of an athlete with high-level aspirations, still take the time to read this as a parent teaching about how to lead a successful life.

What do you do when you first wake-up in the morning? Hit the snooze button like an overgrown teenager? Lumber down the hall for that cup of coffee? Jump in the shower to blast yourself awake? With the right 5 minute routine, you can get out of bed, get your blood flowing, body loose, and create your own energy…but you can’t be a wimp. You have to force yourself to do it every single day. As the article says “99% is still a wimp.” Start the day with success by getting up and moving.

Sometimes you have to do a clean sweep if you want to make progress. Change creates anger, resentment, and jealousy from those who are reluctant to change or don’t want to change. Whether it’s your friends or your family, the people you surround yourself with either want what’s best for themselves or want you to stay the same.