Fitness Posts & Podcasts – April 16

And with this edition of Fitness Posts & Podcasts, we encounter Mother Nature throwing another twist like a drunk and dumping snow through the Midwest. So much for Spring… At least the gym is heated, the weights are ready to go, and there’s learning to be had.

App of the week ⇒ Achievement How can you not like an app that rewards you for walking? Would you like it more if it paid you to track sleep and every other healthy activity during the day? Me too, and the best part, it rewards you with discounts or gift cards.


I can’t say I’ve ever been a fan of articles that demonize and bash exercises. This article is different. The exercises being critiqued are being criticized based on rationale, execution, and implementation in training programs. This is a good piece for anybody that spends time trying to emulate exercises they see others doing without knowing why.

Whether we’re coaching ourselves or others, it’s important to understand that “getting shit done” takes more than some thoughts, fancy words, or somebody screaming for an hour. There needs to be a drive to do it, and each task may take something different.

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