Fitness Posts & Podcasts – April 9th

Some weeks are filled with posts & podcasts. Others, not so much. This week, we have a good handful of posts (nothing long of science-y) and only a few recent podcasts. Good thing I’m about 27 behind.

In case you aren’t following us on social media, I’m looking for a few people to join a new program I’m running for people like me, short on time with limited equipment that want to get strong and put on muscle without getting fat in the process. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll shoot you some details.

Now on to the stuff you came here for. The app of the week and the posts & podcasts.

App of the week -> The Way of Life app, a task manager, goal setting, progress app. You can mark a habit as good or bad, it reminds you to complete tasks, AND it has charts with data tracking.


If you’re a competing athlete or the parent of a child athlete, this post is for you. The internet has made it seem like you have to train and you have to train hard all the time in everything. When it comes to athletes, more can actually be less.

Less is More for Athletes

If you’re aging or work with aging clients, this is worth the read. At some point, the “just keep doing” mentality needs to be put away and replaced with better options.

What Are the Rules for Training Older Clients?


I know this is based around Powerlifters, but this goes for anybody training hard that keeps finding themselves in need of a “deload”. Sometimes you really need one and sometimes you just need a better program design.



I’m not sure if I posted this one before, but I listened to it again the other day. Each time, I have taken something useful away Phil McKernan just has a way of waking up reality.

Jim Laird on the Evolution of a Powerlifter

STRONG Life 157 | Bret Contreras & The Art of (STRENGTH) Coaching

STRONG Life Podcast 156 | Jesse Burdick | Strength Coach Heart, Soul & LIFE

Big Ben Pak having a great conversation about some new research that we should all pay attention to.

What would a podcast section be without John Cena? If you only know John Cena as a wrestler, well, prepare to be amazed at what else he is.