Fitness Posts & Podcasts – February 11

Another eventful week in the books. A change in training, and a renewed focus on improving my skills and knowledge through podcasts and reading. I’ve listened to over 15 podcasts (I’m a little behind) this week and read through post after post of information to find you the pieces that will help you the most.

On a personal note, I’ve found a few new apps that I’m enjoying. For weight tracking: Libra. For healthy habits: Fabulous. For sleep: Shleep

Now for the reason you came…. to avoid work and increase your knowledge.


How to Buck the Trend of Weight Loss Failure

Eating should be done with a purpose and that purpose is to drive your progress, whether that’s gaining or losing. How and what you eat can make the difference.

Can you drink the milk? If you’re trying to get big, maybe you should.

Clearing Up The Cow Controversy: Are You Really Dairy Intolerant?

How much could you eat if you ate just once per day? Believe it or not, there are people that support this diet and have used it successfully to lose fat and get healthy. Will it work for you?

Eating Once a Day: The Simplest Diet Plan in The World?

All I need to say is: sleep better, perform better.

The food label is wrong, but does it matter?

Nutrition Labels Are Inaccurate (and the Math Behind Why It Doesn’t Matter)


If you need a good app, I recommend Castbox for Android. Highly reliable and let’s you access a lot of different material, quickly and easily.

Dan John is back. This time with Mike Robertson. Dan is always worth listening to because of the level of experience he has working with various populations. Download this one, set it up in your car or for your commute and learn.

Dan John on How to Dominate The Weights for a Lifetime

There’s more to why obesity rates are rising and we’re seeing more cases of cancer than just a change in our behaviors. This was very interesting, even if you don’t 100% agree, it’s worth the other perspective.

143 | Dr. Tom Incledon | Injuries, Cancer, Nutrition & Strength Training

By now, you’ve figured out that I like the folks at 3DMJ for their experience and knowledge. Anytime they do a Q&A, it’s worth listening to just to gain a little more insight and pick up different perspective.

#81: Q&A Session 6