Fitness Posts & Podcasts – February 19

Happy Monday (well, at least for those of you that have off this morning) and welcome to the fitness posts & podcasts for the week of February 19th.

We’ve got a good batch today to go along with the Olympic updates and the coffee. I’ve been searching for new and interesting writers to put out, so if anybody has suggestions of pages to check out, send them my way.

Keeping with the mindfulness apps, I’ve been trying out another new one that I find pretty good for somebody looking to learn mindfulness. It’s for Android and it’s called Aware.

And let’s get to learning!


I shared this earlier this week and I’m putting it in here too because if you’ve hired a coach or a trainer to help you with reaching your goal, there are some pretty simple rules.

If you’re one of us that found a passion for fitness and you’ve read, researched, attended seminars, and tried to become the best you can, talking to a newbie can be a challenge. The same way we look at them for not understanding is how they lose interest when we go all fit-nerd on them. There are some simple rules that can make it easier and prevent scaring them off.

Are you trying to be the best or are you just happy to be there? Nobody wakes up and takes on a challenge to just be “average”. In lifting and in life complacency and contentment are the enemies that keep us from finding our best.

Learning how to be more productive without those gimmicky books that make other people money is priceless. For some simple rules, read this post and then, when it’s time to work, follow Rule #1.

How To Learn: 6 Surefire Tricks to Train Your Brain

Beware of the bodybuilding myths when it comes to nutrition advice. Some of them just don’t hold up when you check the science.

7 Bro Bodybuilding Myths Busted By Science



I won’t say I buy into the whole podcasts, but with all things educational, you have to be willing to hear other viewpoints AND think about them before deciding to accept, reject, or take some of the new information. This podcast is all about fixing gut health and helping our second brain function properly.

How to Heal Your Gut and Improve Your Performance with Dr. Zach Bush – Episode 227

I actually have two pieces with Dr. John Rusin. The first is this podcast with Joe DeFranco about longevity and health in training.

Dr. John Rusin: Long-term Gainz Without the Aches & Pains!

The second is the rebuilding of Dave Tate. If you don’t know who Dave Tate is, he’s the founder of EliteFTS and a long time powerlifter who has put his body through all kinds of torture and abuse. This is a video and longer than most pieces I would post, but completely worth watching.

You have to want it and you have to work for it. And you have to do things right.

147 | Brian “Tosh” Chontosh | Suck Less Everyday

No matter how many times we say it: sleep and recover. Now learn about sleep so you can recover.

Dr. Allison Brager on Military Athletes, Sleep, Recovery and more!