Fitness Posts & Podcasts – February 5th

And the Superbowl is over. I’m sure there are some heartbroken individuals out there crying about reffing, dropped passes, and stupid play calls. I didn’t watch much of the game, about 45 seconds of game time, or 20 minutes of real time. And don’t forget the huge amount of chips, dips, pizza, wings, and other game food that was eaten.

Back to what you came here for, the posts and podcasts for the week to keep you from getting started with the Monday morning work.


For those of us that live in places that get snow, we know that there is always a chance to get hurt from lifting something the wrong way, twisting, etc., but a few years back, somebody went all fearmonger on the idea of shoveling your own driveway.

The IFTT (If this then that) system is fraught with failure but for some reason, we try it with our health more than we try to develop ways we can find success through systems and moderation.

The “If I Do This Then I Can Enjoy That” Principle

If you’ve been paying attention to our 20-day challenge, you’ve seen this mentioned. Just don’t do it right now.


Just eat the potato. Seriously, if you want a potato, eat one.

Sweet potatoes vs. potatoes: Which are really healthier? [Infographic]




If you don’t know who the guest is on this show, it’s time to do some research. Dan John is one of the most well-known coaches in the industry. His simple, straightforward method of explaining topics combined with his wit and perspective makes him somebody to listen to and learn from.

Dan John on How to Dominate The Weights for a Lifetime

I’m a little behind on podcasts, but certain topics make me jump them to the head of the line. Listening to Brandon Lilly and hearing his transformation after complete quad ruptures in both legs is one of those that I made time for. There are some parts I shake my head at, but there is a lot more I was nodding in agreement with.

Muscle, Mindset, Mastery with Ben Pakulski – Episode 222

The gift of injury… caught me a little sideways, too. Nobody wants to be injured, but sometimes an injury is the best gift we can receive in strength.

Dr. Stuart McGill and Brian Carroll on the Gift of Injury – The Barbell Life 188