Fitness Posts & Podcasts – Jan 22

Time for another edition of fitness posts & podcasts. As we near the end of “resolutioner” season, hopefully, you are still on board and still making progress. Unfortunately, there is a huge percentage of people that give up on their resolution around Valentine’s Day, so there are a few more weeks for you to hold strong.

If you’ve got a dream and you feel like quitting, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Have somebody be there for you to make sure you keep going.

And while you’re at it, give these articles a read and listen to a few podcasts to brighten up that commute…because nobody likes to just sit there going from home to work and back.

Fitness Posts

Common sense ain’t so common, especially when it comes to diet. We’re still in the month of extremes and people buying into every level of stupidity known to man in the name of losing the weight they’ve acquired over years of willful neglect. And then you find these three foods you should never eat if you want to actually lose weight. It’s simple. It’s common sense. But it still had to be written out.

The 3 Foods You Should Never, Ever Eat

Keeping with the fat loss theme, advice on how to tackle the changes you need to make one meal at a time.

A New Approach To Fat Loss Nutrition

And of course, without developing habits, you won’t get far when life catches up and the struggle becomes real.

5 Hacks for Effortless Habit Building in 2018

Think those BCAA’s you’re chugging are doing you a favor and being beneficial to your long-term goals? Give this a read and then evaluate if they’re worth the money you put out every month.

9 Reasons Why You DON’T Need To Take BCAAs

Take your body fat measurement and shove it. The body fat percentage number is the aesthetic version of a powerlifting total or a Wilkes Score. The problem isn’t the number, but what happens after somebody gets a number and how our desire to compare ourselves creates a spiral of crap.

The Ultimate Lie of the Fitness World

You’ve got a sniffle, a cough, the runny nose and the uneasy feeling that something just isn’t right. Are you actually getting sick? Is it too late? But I have to get my session in!!

Training While Under The Weather – Should You?



Podcasts to Listen to

This one may not be everybody’s shaker of protein, but Joe D and Dr. Tom are back with another episode helping out with how to battle fat and the hormones that change our fitness.

Dr. Tom Talks Hormone Optimization, Functional Testing & Fat Loss!

The more I listen to the coaches of 3DMJ, the more I appreciate their experience and simple way to convey information. Lifting is a skill. Just moving a bar or your body from position 1 to position 2 will work in the short term, but when you have goals, whether they are strength or aesthetic, you need to develop the art form that is called technique.

#78: The Skill Of Lifting