Fitness Posts & Podcasts – Jan 29

Welcome back for another edition of Fitness Posts and Podcasts! We’ve hit the final week of January and that means a lot of people have given up on their dreams of losing weight, getting strong, and feeling better through better health. Did you help any stick it out? I truly hope that our reader’s know how important it is to help those people trying to make life changes. It’s hard and the last thing any of us needs is another meme posting prick laughing and videoing as they struggle to not only change habits, but wade through some serious BS while learning how to make it all work for them.

But you didn’t come here for “how to be a decent human being”, you came here for a distraction from your work day and to learn something new, so let’s get on with the fitness posts and podcasts.


If you’ve ever worked with me, you’ll notice I like to program in a lot of unilateral exercises. Many of us are so imbalanced that it takes focused work, every training session to even begin making a dent in how lop-sided we are. Even though it would be easier to start at the top with re-training your hands, it’s important to build the base.

Ahh, the eternal question… cardio or weights?

Is Doing Cardio Or Lifting Weights Better For Fat Loss?

And of course, if we’re talking fat loss, we should also talk about building muscle. Can it be done at the same time? How should I train to give myself the best chance of not wasting time?

Eric Cressey is known for working with baseball players and doing a really good job. He doesn’t write a lot of articles, but he does post some greatness on his instagram. This gem is one for everybody that sets foot in a gym with a goal.

Should you build a home gym? I have one. I know quite a few people that have them and use them daily. And I also know my fair share of people that have really expensive clothes hangers. While this might ruffle some feathers, it might save you some cash if you’re the type that will struggle to succeed in a home gym.

An Argument Against Home/Garage Gyms

Because this year more than any other, I’ve heard “I’m going vegetarian or I’m going vegan” this is relevant for anybody that recently switched or is considering switching from omnivore to plant-based diet.

How to Build Muscle on a Vegetarian Diet

It’s not about flash, fame, or double secret goat yoga programs. Success and health require consistency.

Consistency Is My Greatest Weapon


There are two parts in this podcast I recommend listening to, the 5-hour rule and how Mike got disciplined with meditation. If you have followed me for any amount of time, you know how important I believe it is to learn and to take time to for yourself.

Do you chug BCAA’s like they are a magic solution to weight loss? Getting jacked? Are they even worth it? Sure you can find studies for both sides. Most times the answer lies in when, how, and why you take them.

The TRUTH About BCAAs!

Since I’ve joined the parenting realm, I spend a lot of time listening and reading about how I can be the best parent while still training for me.

Proper breathing changes everything, from your energy to your posture.

This isn’t a podcast as much as it is a short video explaining the difference between men and women when it comes to fat loss training. If you don’t know there’s a difference and use it to your advantage, you need to give it a try and see how it works.