Fitness Posts & Podcasts – March 12

Welcome back to the sprung forward edition of Posts and Podcasts for March 12th. Hopefully, nobody missed work this morning because of that evil time change. We’re short on posts this week and with only a single podcast, let’s hope for some good spring weather so we can disconnect and get outside.

This week’s app of the week -> Fetch Because who doesn’t like making money just by scanning their grocery receipts, even when you don’t by the special stuff.

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If you’re doing well with your fitness goals, pass this one by for now, but if you’re one of the people that’s in the same place, spinning wheels and getting nowhere, read this and work on the five things that are (most likely) holding you back.

If you hire a coach, you should probably hate your coach. But if you “manipulate” your coach or go off program…

You Should Probably Hate Your Coach

The best way to describe this article is with the title: 21 things that don’t matter for fat loss, according to science.

21 Things That Don’t Matter for Fat Loss, According to Science

I think this goes for every sport out there. It isn’t about doing it professionally, doing it in competition, or even doing it 100% by the rules.

Bodybuilding When You’re Not A Bodybuilder

Cardio before or cardio after? Does it matter.

Should You Do Cardio Before Or After Weights?



Mike Israetel is a brilliant man, and so are the rest of the guys on Barbell Shrugged. You have to scroll to the bottom to see the video of the talk.