Fitness Posts & Podcasts – March 5th

Another Monday closer to Spring, sunshine, and outdoor workouts. Another edition of Fitness Posts & Podcasts to broaden your fitness knowledge. If you’ve been cooped up indoors with the windows shut and the heat on, this is your favorite time of year. If you have allergies, I apologize in advance for your misery. Either way, take some time for you and give these posts a read or listen this week.

For those of you that didn’t know, it was The Arnold weekend and fitness minded folks gathered in Columbus for the weekend. The biggest news I have seen is 123 lb Stefi Cohen pulled a massive 545 lb deadlift. (and some jackwagon called it cheating because it had straps and was sumo). When I see stuff like that, it really gets me fired up. Anytime somebody is lifting 4.5 times their bodyweight, it’s HUGE and the people that are hating on it is just sad.

This week, we have some good stuff to distract you from getting that boring work done, so I hope you enjoy the reads and listens.

App of the week: BodBot Personal Trainer


Everybody talks about the metabolism when they talk about diets and weight loss, but do you really know what it is? Are you oversimplifying or even worse, overcomplicating it? If you want to drop fat, understanding what’s happening inside your body is a must.

Every day is a chance to get on track with a healthier life. I’ve been reading a Real Estate Tycoon, and it’s amazing the similarities you find between developing a healthy body and building a multi-billion dollar company. The biggest part of all of it is the same keys in this article to change your life.

It isn’t always about staying “on the wagon.” Sometimes, it is about jumping off to find some answers and try again.

The benefits of overindulgence. (And the 4 key lessons that eating too much can teach you).

Some of the smallest “wins” turn out to be the biggest game changers in goal attainment. It’s a conversation had with clients every day, that progress is progress, even if it doesn’t show up the way they want. Grabbing vegetables as a snack instead of a bag of chips might not show on the scale, but over time, it will pay dividends. Check off the small goals.

“Small Wins” are Critical for Goal Attainment

Most of us are so busy that we just toss our nutrition out the window. It always seemed strange to me that the biggest factor in our weight management was given a back seat to training. Somehow, we find ways to workout and work the muscles, but we forget to give them good fuel because we’re “just too busy.” Here are some simple steps to give the nutrition the attention it needs.

If you’re a fan of the “PR Every Day” mentality, look away now. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, a PR is a personal record and it’s become the “thing” to have 27,000 PR’s in the same lift because of reps, belts, sleeves, wraps, pauses, etc. If you’re one of those people, please read this.


Ben Pakulski talking with Dr. Walsh about what it really means to detox… and it isn’t what some Advo-Beach-Life salesman is going to give you… and might even make it worse.

I actually listened to this one last week but forgot to include it. Very interesting conversation about insulin resistance and the link to diseases. Insulin resistance isn’t just a precursor of Diabetes but used properly, can tell us a lot more.

Dr. Ben Bikman is back and we discuss ketosis, low carb, and the plagues of prosperity

Joe DeFranco going through some questions that we can all benefit from.

The Biggest Fitness Scam Ever, What Exercises DON’T Do…and an Impromptu Business Lesson!