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Rich Zwolinski is an undeniably irreplaceable asset to have in your fitness arsenal. During the five months that I’ve worked with him I’ve made monumental strides towards my overall goals and surpassed countless expectations I had set for myself. Through his programming I have improved my squat 1RM from 155lbs […]

Kylie Subjinski

Z Strength is the real deal. A lot of trainers will lie to you, overtly or covertly, in order to keep your business. Sometimes it’s little things, like letting it slide when you under-perform. Sometimes it’s big things, like promising you quick results for things that actually take time and […]

Pete Chvany

I first contacted Rich online when I need a peaking program to prepare for my first powerlifting meet. As a novice to the sport, I would have been lost at my first meet without Rich’s guidance. Rich wrote me a comprehensive program tailored to my individual goals, including information about […]

Haley Deutsch

As an expat living in South America working for the U.S. government, I contacted Rich and Erin online hoping we could train long distance, initially to regain my body after years of undiagnosed hypothyroidism and insulin resistance. Not only did I meet two exceptional experts in training and nutrition, but […]

Angie Quackenbush

In 3 weeks Erin and Rich have helped me accomplish what I could not do myself in 6 months with 90 minutes of exercise daily. Even though I have always considered myself a sensible eater, there is no doubt in my mind that my problem was the type, quantity and […]

Cindi Browning

Coach Rich is the most reliable, affordable, and effective trainer I’ve worked with in 6 years of lifting weights. Even though I live in Texas, about as far away as you can get from NY, I never get left unanswered nor do I ever feel lost every 6 weeks when […]

Anthony Rodriguez

Rich and Erin are an amazing team that work with you to achieve your goals in a healthy and sustainable way. I was stuck in a rut, struggling to get past both fat loss and lifting plateaus. The nutritional advice and macros from Erin as well as innovative and personalized programming […]

Clarissa Archer

Sumaya placed 2nd in the RAW World Powerlifting Championships in 2014 after using the programming of Z Strength. Rich helped me big time with my programming and training for my debut power-lifting career. I am a self-taught powerlifter through online research and was only able to take it to the […]

Sumaya Shakir


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